Create This Swing Photo Manipulation Effect In Photoshop

Create This "Swing" Photo Manipulation Effect In Photoshop 

In this tutorial I will teach you how to create photo manipulation with a scene of a girl who was swinging and accompanied by a white dove in Photoshop. Using 4 stock photo, custom brushes (Fog), adjustment layers, masks, blending and filter effects. Enjoy!

Tutorial Resources:
Cliff by bloodydawn
Sky by Atropo-Stock
Girl Swing
Dove by ViolettaLeStrange
Fog Brush by SkylinerzEx


  1. Photoshop has been the leader in photo manipulation tools for many years. But there are alternatives that can do much of what Photoshop can do but without the heavy price tag.

  2. Excellent tutorials about photo manipulation by Photoshop, Its really informative website, Thanks for sharing with us.


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